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If you’re interested in Japanese martial arts have you thought about learning Aikido? Japanese Aikido lessons generally begin with an introduction to the history, philosophy, and etiquette behind this unique martial art as well as the foundational movements like bowing, kneeling, and standing ritsurei.

Once you learn the basics your Sensai will help you establish a regular Aikido practice and teach you a range of throwing, twisting, and falling moves. Aikido classes allow you to practice safely with an opponent, and you can also begin working through the Aikido grading system.

Popular lessons

Australian Fitness & Martial Arts

Australian Fitness and Martial Arts is a family-oriented sports organisation that encourages people to stay fit and healthy.

First lesson free Lesson packages available
4 locations Online

Tan's Taekwondo

We provide you with the most complete and effective methods to help you reach your full potential.

First lesson free Lesson packages available
3 locations Online

Mugendokan Martial Arts

Unleash your unlimited potential - develop the mind, strengthen the body and focus the spirit.

First lesson free Lesson packages available
Colyton NSW Colyton NSW

Golden Cobra Martial Arts

We provide a welcoming, inclusive, and fun training atmosphere for all members.

First lesson free Lesson packages available
Upper Ferntree Gully VIC

Southern Schools of Aikido

Here in SSA, we build confidence, strength and power within. We do this through physical movement and the development of the mind.

Lesson packages available
Fairfield VIC Online
Starting at $20 per lesson

Aiki Shuren Dojo Adelaide

We train in a positive pressure environment to condition resilience & dynamic response to conflict - supporting each other to be their best.

Lesson packages available
Aldinga Beach SA

Aikido of Shin Sen

Sensei Ken is driven to provide the best possible Aikido instruction for you or your child in a safe and welcoming dojo that caters to all.

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Kensington NSW

Cranbourne Aikido & Fitness Centre

We love to get to know our members and put a face to a name. We strive on making you feel a part of the family.

First lesson free Lesson packages available
Cranbourne VIC Online

Seikatsu Aikido

We practice and learn in a safe and friendly environment that will improve your strength, fitness, coordination and self-confidence.

First lesson free Lesson packages available
Fawkner VIC

Budokai Australia

Your one-stop shop for Asian fighting arts, teaching several complete East Asian combative systems.

Lesson packages available
Myrtle Bank SA Marino SA

Jan de Jong Martial Arts Fitness

Our instructors are acclaimed for their high level of teaching ability and their ongoing commitment to developing skill sets and training.

First lesson free Lesson packages available
Melville WA Online
Starting at $33 per lesson

Aikido Northern Beaches

Our dojo trains in the Kokikai Aikido tradition. It is for all people regardless of size, age or gender.

Lesson packages available
Avalon Beach NSW

Aikido in Sydney

Aikido in Sydney welcomes women, men, teens and children to join us for sincere practice.

Lesson packages available
Alexandria NSW Online

Newcastle Aikido

We are open to everyone — children and adults, beginners and advanced students alike. We will work with you to identify your challenges and capitalise on your strengths.

Lesson packages available
Hamilton NSW

Kihon Aikido

Improve your awareness, self-confidence, coordination and fitness — all while studying an honourable Martial Art.

First lesson free Lesson packages available
Clifton Hill VIC

Aiki Kai NSW

We have Aikido classes in Sydney, Blue Mountains and regional locations. Additionally, we hold annual events with national and international instructors.

Lesson packages available
5 locations
Starting at $15 per lesson

Aikido Kokikai Australia

We run weekly kids and adult classes at our Belgrave and Caulfield dojos. Bring the family down for a free trial at either dojo.

First lesson free Lesson packages available
Belgrave VIC Caulfield East VIC

Aikido Dentoukan

We are a Martial Arts school training in the Traditional Style of Aikido as taught by Morihei Ueshiba O'Sensei.

Lesson packages available
Mont Albert North VIC

Shodokan Aikido Melbourne

Our teaching system allows students to proceed at their own pace and to develop a deep understanding of Aikido principles.

Lesson packages available
Keilor East VIC
Starting at $15 per lesson

Pure Aikido

Our training focuses on the needs of the individual whether cultivating the spirit through martial arts, self-defence or just fun.

First lesson free Lesson packages available
Collingwood VIC Online

Aikido Port Kennedy

Our aim is to promote Aikido and to give the community an opportunity to learn Aikido in a safe, friendly, and affordable environment.

Lesson packages available
Port Kennedy WA
Starting at $8 per lesson

Aikido Bayside

Providing a safe, friendly, non-competitive group environment at a pace that is tailored to your ability, ensuring injury-free training.

Lesson packages available
Black Rock VIC Online

Melbourne Aikido

Our Shinzenryu Aikido dojo is dedicated to achieving spiritual growth through the discipline of Aikido - the art of harmony.

Lesson packages available
Brunswick VIC Online
Starting at $120 per lesson

Aikido Adelaide

Integrating Aikido exercises with body-weight training to improve conditioning and body awareness.

First lesson free Lesson packages available
Hawthorn SA

Aikido Queensland

Welcome to Aikido Queensland. We provide a positive helpful atmosphere during classes where everyone is relaxed and considerate of others.

First lesson free Lesson packages available
Bald Hills QLD
Starting at $10 per lesson

Aikido Yuishinka Wagga

Our teaching methods, system, and exercises to develop the most effective reflexes help our students maximize their learning potential.

First lesson free Lesson packages available
Lake Albert NSW

Aikido Mackay

Providing technical repertoire that is larger than most other Aikido styles and a great deal of emphasis is placed on weapons training.

Mackay QLD
Starting at $20 per lesson

Aikido Kenkyukai Ryde

Learn a non-aggressive martial art with an emphasis on mind and body coordination in a safe, friendly, and inspiring environment.

Lesson packages available
West Ryde NSW

Takemusu Aikido Masakatsu Kai

Our motto, confidence, connection, friendship and fun are at the core of our teachings.

Buderim QLD

UQ Aikido

Steve Sensei provides a safe, friendly and relaxed training environment where students can unlock their full potential by studying Aikido.

First lesson free
St Lucia QLD
Starting at $15 per lesson

Bullockhead Creek Kokikai Aikido

Kokikai Aikido offers more than just an effective self-defence system — a way to learn to uncover the hidden potential in each of us.

First lesson free Lesson packages available
Springfield Lakes QLD
Starting at $25 per lesson

Sangen Melbourne Aikikai

We train in a spirit of commitment, fellowship, & respect. We help our students develop a sense of self-esteem & confidence through Aikido.

Lesson packages available
Surrey Hills VIC Online

Taizenkan Aikido

Providing a family Martial Arts centre with a safe and respectful environment for all gender, ages, race, religion, or cultural background.

First lesson free Lesson packages available
Erina NSW
Starting at $15 per lesson

Broadwater Aikido

We believe that Aikido requires committed training, but also believe Aikido should be friendly, enjoyable and fun.

Lesson packages available
Runaway Bay QLD

Takemusu Aikido Kai

We welcome and encourage the participation of members from all walks of life.

Lesson packages available
4 locations Online

Aikido Shudokan

Here at Aikido Shudokan, we have world-class male and female senior instructors each with a vast amount of experience behind them.

First lesson free Lesson packages available
Heidelberg West VIC

Aikido Gold Coast

Welcome to our Mudgeeraba dojo! A place to practice Aikido on the Gold Coast.

Lesson packages available
Mudgeeraba QLD
Starting at $15 per lesson

Yamato Aikido International

Traditional Japanese martial arts centre teaching Aikido and self-defence to community kids and adults in Perth since 2009.

Lesson packages available
Canning Vale WA

Aikido Yoshinkai ACT

Our vision is to ensure that Yoshinkan Aikido is available and accessible to people living in the ACT/Queanbeyan region.

Lesson packages available
Greenway ACT
Starting at $25 per lesson

Aikido Takemusu

The Taku Ma Dojo is located in Breakwater, Geelong. Join us to train Martial Arts in a supportive environment.

First lesson free Lesson packages available
Breakwater VIC

Ka Riu Aikido

Our techniques are an expression of our respective understanding of Aikido. So, here we endeavour to learn and share the Aikido of O’Sensei.

Lesson packages available
Victoria Park WA
Starting at $15 per lesson

Sydney Aikikai

We are a friendly Aikikai Aikido Club based in Sydney's Northern Beaches. Our club is a not-for-profit and an independent Aikikai dojo.

Lesson packages available
Collaroy NSW Manly NSW

Rockdale Aikido

We provide Aikido classes that are primarily aimed at adults, but high school students with a sufficient level of maturity are welcome.

First lesson free Lesson packages available
Rockdale NSW
Starting at $15 per lesson

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